Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year - Quora, Wikipedia

I've been dipping into Quora - and I'm not sure about it... Some of the questions seem to be set-ups for advertising. Browsing Quora may become more interesting however - There might be questions that you wouldn't think to ask - and there might be interesting answers.

Wikipedia in the Classroom - Educause held a webinar today presented by Wikimedia and their initiative to support faculty in setting up classroom projects writing Wikipedia articles. It's Wikipedia day today. (10th anniversary of Wikipedia) The Truth According to Wikipedia in on one of our PBS channels today.

Yet another Wikipedia event here in Tampa scheduled for January 6: "The creative business minds behind Wikipedia and eMedicine will headline the USF Health Dean’s Lecture Series “The Medical Internet Revolution” on Thursday evening, Jan. 6, at the USF Alumni Center, USF Alumni Drive (off Fowler Ave and Leroy Collins Blvd) in Tampa." Press release

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