Saturday, July 24, 2010

University of the People to build sites in 6 developing countries

University of the People is working with the World Computer Exchange to set up computer access sites in Zimbabwe, the Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, Haiti, Liberia, and Palestine. The sites will have internet access and 20 computers at each location. (Info from various press releases and Chronicle of Higher Education, July 22, 2010 "Online University Aims to Build Sites in 6 Developing Countries" by Kelly Truong.) The first comment points out that University of the People is not accredited without noting that UoPeople is applying for accreditation. Other comments point out that there are other free elearning programs for programming, etc., but fail to note that this program will provide access to computers and the Internet as well courses.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Looking for good search tools for OER resources

Scott Leslie has a search engine for OER resources called "Search all of these Open Education Sites from one place" posted at

Tony Hirst has a Google Custom search that covers 166 listings of OER resources that were posted at ZaidLearn, 2008

And see earlier custom search from ZaidLearn in an earlier blog posting.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's new?

Information is floating by and I'm not catching all of it. I've been absorbed grading, posting grades, cajoling stragglers into finishing up course work... and that seems to be about it! In spare moments I'm still wondering what higher education is supposed to look like. There's discontent, but I'm still not sure everyone thinks ought to change. No "courses"? No semesters? No grades? No curriculum? No diplomas certifying that student has accrued a certain amount of credits? No accreditation of schools? I think the only thing I'm sure about is that we need to figure out a way for students to get through college and incur less debt.

In my field, newly-graduated library science students are complaining there are no jobs when everyone predicted that there would be openings for librarians. Will Manley tapped a nerve on his blog - See posts and comments from around June 15 and further back. Trying to find a job these days is a frustrating experience for new grads in other professions as well. I'm not sure that library schools should feel any guilt about accepting students. Did most of us get that there would be a financial crisis of this magnitude?