Friday, January 21, 2011

DS 106 Digital Storytelling Week 2

I still haven't thought of a 30 second story. Did you all see that "My Name is Earl" episode(3.5) where Earl is in prison in a creative writing class and can't think of a story to write while all of his friends can? Talk about writer's block! (Annoying commercials - but the episode is here: This week's assignment is fool around with one's blog and add some things - and listen to Gardner Campbell talk at He reminisces about getting started with personal computers and finally gets the power of the Internet and interconnectedness when he starts blogging in 2004. I remember going to the computer lab on campus and using Bitnet and whatever and getting involved in discussions - and people you didn't even know would answer you! (It also means that your digital footprint is out there...) Related: Last night I went to an online session that the UMUC MDE (Masters in Distance Education and E-Learning) program did on e-relationships developed among women involved in the program - and some of us commented that Facebook helped us stay in touch with each other. I'm also following some of the MDErs on Twitter. The tools help!

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