Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Behind already in DS 106

Remember the good intentions to keep up with Jim Groom's DS 106 course? Well, I'm behind already. On the other hand...picking and choosing... maybe I'm not that far behind. One of the first "to-do's" seems to be setting up one's own domain and webhost setup and I'm not going to tackle that. Some faculty may want to 'take control of their digital space' but to me it's a lot like asking me to build my own schoolhouse. I don't really feel the need for THAT much control. ;) I'm going over to do the Gardner Campbell readings (and listenings) http://ds106.us/2011/01/12/a-personal-cyberinfrastructure/ - and think about writing out a 30 second story.

Gardner's presentation (link above) - I'm put off by what comes off to me as sneering at teachers who ask "how long does this take" to learn to use something like cPanel and "what's in it for me?" and may even want to know "what's it in for the students?" It's self-evident to the pioneers, but not all are pioneers. What's a respectful way to encourage reluctant faculty to take up new challenges?

(On a positive note for the past week: I did get all the material up for the grad course I'm teaching this term. Yippee!)

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jimgroom said...

You can;t be behind, you can only be where you are in ds106. Have fun with it, the minute it becomes a burden is the minute you probably wanna drop.