Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Google Power Searching

I've been participating in the Power Searching with Google MOOC (July 10 - July 19) run by Dan M. Russell. I'm glad I decided to do it. (I see a few other librarian names I recognize in the Forums) Most of the material is a refresher for me, but I'm picking up some tips - and a few things that I ought to practice. Google Image Search? I couldn't figure out the challenge question even after knowing the answer and trying to reverse engineer it. About the course itself: One problem that's emerged is that Russell is teaching a few things that haven't been rolled out worldwide yet and there's a global audience for the course. It's not always clear what's brand new. "We changed that a couple of weeks ago" would be helpful! From the Forum postings: there seem to be a few problems for anyone not using Chrome as their browser(?). I don't remember any initial suggestion that using Chrome is a good idea. The relatively new "Knowledge Graph" is one of the things that caused some users' problems. Some students are already clamoring for more power search tips.

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Sandra E. Thompson said...

Dear Ilene,
Unfortunately, I missed out on participating in this Google online course. However, have downloaded the comprehensive tutorial. Google seems to be investing in benchmark web technology at the moment. I forwarded this tutorial to my library teacher who specialises in 'searching databases' and got back a nice thank you email. I also sent it to an online friend who is a freelance editor who also commented on the Google Image Search facility.
I do think Google is modifying its products to give optimal performance in its own Chrome browser for market edge. Blogger recently went to a new version which forced me to use Chrome as it wouldn't load in IE8. Quite like Chrome now but would still be using IE by choice.


Sandra Thompson
Library Technician
Sydney, Australia