Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Jonathan Rees' More or Less Bunk blog http://moreorlessbunk.wordpress.com/ is interesting reading. He has logged some objections to MOOCs - but doesn't seem to have tried participating in any. He worries about the state of the work life of faculty in higher ed as the liberal arts are attacked, colleges hire more adjuncts, and online learning becomes the rage. I think he's right to be concerned, but I keep thinking that he ought to do more exploring. He ought to be reading Tony Bates' blog where he's been posting about developing quality online courses. He ought to be looking at the research about online learning. He ought to be exploring what's been happening in distance education beyond the latest ( Udacity, Coursera, MITx, EDx, etc. ). Distance learning has a very long history. He ought to be thinking about learners who are not in a position to pursue a traditional four-year undergraduate degree. We need options for students - AND we need a decent work life for faculty and staff no matter what the delivery method. I hope Dr. Rees will help us think it through.

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