Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kindle DX

New toy - a Kindle DX on sale for Mother's Day. It came this afternoon. I didn't have to set anything. It knew who I was when I took it out of the box. After charging the battery I loaded up some PDFs. I'd had high hopes that I'd be happy reading PDFs on the DX without messing around with the format. Yes! It works for me! I can see an entire page on the screen without resetting font size or rotating the screen. I'm reading Flexible Pedagogy, Flexible Practice: Notes from the Trenches of Distance Education. (The PDF is free from Athabasca University Press: If I wanted a larger screen, why not just go ahead and buy an iPad? An iPad is on the wish list, but I wanted to make sure to grab a DX with its non-glare screen. One issue: The DX has the page forward and page back keys on the right side of the device only. The older keyboard Kindle I own has the duplicatd keys on the left side of the device. As a leftie, I do miss the duplicate set of keys, but I'm already getting used to that.

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