Friday, April 16, 2010

The Lively Sketchbook: Mobile Devices

The NMC hosted a presentation by Ruben Puentedura. He set up the concept of mobile device as the sketchbook - and the importance of the sketchbook. ( He talked about the importance of having a device that can always be with you, related to the physical world and the social world, and provides enough tools to sketch - whether that is art, music, statistical data, concept mapping, written pieces... While tablet pc's come close, mobile devices such as the iPhone, Droid, etc come closer to extensions of our selves and our ideas. Puentedura would like us to *create* with these devices. The tools might seem limited, but are often good enough - and accessible enough to do the kind of notetaking, sketching, etc that can be an end in themselves or the planning materials we need in order to produce more finished work. Using these devices for media consumption is not enough. This presentation really struck me as... just right! I'm already noticing that the iPod Touch can just be there and that I can use it in a non-obtrusive fashion - just use it. Puentedura has a list of tools he's been using at - but the list is less important than the concept of using mobile devices as a sketchbook.

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