Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Second Life - and professional opportunities

My, Second Life certainly is in the spotlight! Drew and I have been invited to give a presentation at the Florida Library Association meeting in April - and maybe Joe can come along too... - and I'm going to "show up" for a few minutes at a workshop that two of our faculty are doing at the Sarasota campus - and there's the four of us along with a few other librarians are going to do a presentation at our technology symposium at the end of February - And some of us are trying to organize a pre-conference event for the TCC Online Conference which will be at the beginning of April.. I'm concerned about having some canned presentation material just in case SL is down during any of these presentations. Should we have some backup PowerPoints? Some backup .mov files? I wish the librarians had a commercial for their Second Life activities that was as snazzy as the commericials posted on the SL website. (When I get stressed out, am I stressed on in Second Life as well as Real Life?) Well, I'm going to go take some more snapshots of libraries and put them on my Flickr site.

On a related note: Drew rearranged some furniture in the USF Building and we bought a "circle up table and chairs" that starts out with one chair and as avatars sit down, another chair launches itself - to seat up to 20 avatars. It's magic! (The State Library of Kansas people recommended this set up along with a "magic table" that they have in their State Library building.) We've put that table and chairs on the first floor of the USF Building. We were able to drag that out of my inventory - no problem! I always bought a set "in a box" - and I still haven't figured out how to open it! When I click "open", all I get is a notecard. So far Drew and I took turns sitting on the box. I'll have to contact the creator and ask what I'm doing wrong.

Another idea: One of our library science faculty is into the blues. We'd like to invite him to do a performance in Second Life. That'll take us rustling up some help with audio and getting Scott a guitar. I hope he'll say yes and we can get this together.

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