Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Getting your avatar together

Some of the Second Life librarians have been discussing getting their avatar together. They have been touring places together to get free clothing, etc. including Free Dove, NCI, Yadni's Junkyard, Stillman, Dumpster, etc. I have to say that when I first logged on to Second Life in last June, I was put off by the need to decide how my avatar should look and dress. I don't fuss with myself in Real Life. Why would I fuss with myself in Second Life?? I didn't have anyone in particular to talk to and wandering around looking at things just wasn't very interesting. It was only after reading Lori's posts about library-related activities that I decided to get back on. There were other librarians and educators to talk to -and events to attend - and... errrrr...a desire to have something other to wear in Second Life than that first pair of jeans and the t-shirt from Bradley University that I got from a robot in the Second Life Library. So... I've been shopping some... and fussing with my avatar some though she's still not the way I'd like. Maybe it's some latent "playing with dolls" thing that I never finished with as a kid! I've played with my office a bit too - and that feels like a "playing with doll houses" thing that I never finished with either! Well, there's free stuff to play with. I do have some Linden dollars and did invest in a "conservative outfit" since many of the free clothing items tend toward to be either sluty or fantastical - and I'm not ready for either. Dewey took me out shopping and got me to get a dress. I don't own any dresses or skirts in Real Life. When I went to the piano concert the other evening, I was glad that I had a dress to wear since most of the others had on ball gowns. (I don't own a ball gown yet!) I'm worrying more about "presentation of self in Second Life" than "presentation of self in every day life"!

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