Thursday, March 29, 2012

ds106 can't get no respect (?)

Alan Levine wonders if ds106 ( is getting enough respect as a MOOC. I have a sneaky feeling that there could be lack of respect for ds106 because the course is about self-expression and creativity. Maybe some find the aims fluffy? Also, they all seem to be experiencing way too much joy over there in ds106 land. SePerhaps some tedious research articles about the impact of ds106 would raise the level of respect. See No respect for ds106?


Anonymous said...

No research, please! That will kill the joy! :) Are you categorizing or labeling your posts for ds106? If so, i will pull in any ds106 related posts into the site if you are so interested.

Anonymous said...

Actually, nevermind, I see you are already syndicating