Thursday, February 9, 2012

When your Internet connections are not so hot

I'm working part-time at the local community college library - one of the smaller campuses - and the campus is plagued by various network issues. The library staff has signs up to turn off your wireless device if you aren't using it. It might look like you have a wireless signal on your device, but email refuses to load. Getting a file to Dropbox doesn't always happen. This campus' connectivity could use a boost! Should everyone at the community college have to pay for their own connectivity via their mobile phone providers? It's not likely that everyone who goes to school here would be able to afford a phone plan that would include plenty of data usage. At the big university up the road there's Internet 2 and good wireless connections most areas on campus. You don't have to think twice about logging on to the network and getting where you want to go. It's a good reminder that media-rich, interactive e-textbooks might not work well for everyone all the time.

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