Friday, December 16, 2011

Amazon: Check editions

I'm so embarrassed! I've been waiting for the paperback for Kenneth Crews Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators 3rd edition to come out. Amazon indicated that the paperback version will be available to ship as of December 19 - but right there on the same page was the Kindle version which I promptly ordered - only to find that the Kindle version is the 2nd edition. A little too fast with the clicking! Even going back and looking at the way the item is listed on the Amazon page, it's not clear that the Kindle version is the 2nd edition. There's even a listing of the ISBN number of the edition I want in the description area for the book - but I see now that the ISBNs are not attached to each version (hardback, paperback, Kindle edition). Lesson learned! Amazon might do well to hire a librarian or two to make the edition information more explicit.

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