Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Instant gratification - or almost

I saw Sal Castro on Book TV broadcast from the LA Times Festival of Books at USC this weekend. Turns out that the USF Tampa Library has electronic version of the book Blowout! by Mario Garcia and Sal Castro from EBL, so I'm reading it (not on the desktop pc - not as good as on the Kindle, but we can't have everything). On page 45, Castro talks about listening to some Mexican singers when he was a kid. I made a Pandora station and I'm listening to Pedro Infante and others while reading the book. How nice! There's a little write-up on Castro's appearance at the Book Fair "Chicano activist and educator Sal Castro wows the crowd with his past -- and presence" He's got the kind of passion that's missing from a lot of discussions about the state of education. What happened? We seem to notice that things are wrong with education, but instead of radicalization, we just want to make sure kids aren't bored - and that the education they need to get a job doesn't pose too much of a financial burden... because after all, we need more consumers. Let them make videos instead of write papers? That's going to help the those in the underclass and those slipping into the underclass barely noticing the descent? That's going to help stave off being taken over by religious fundamentalists? I like technology, but tech doesn't seem to be the foundation of the revolution we ought to be having.

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