Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More on MobiMooc

MobiMOOC participants are busy sharing resources and ideas - and it's an international crowd. After reading everyone's material I feel like I've been on a vacation. The group has been discussing "mlearning" - what is it? John Feser writes that mLearnng is not eLearning on A Mobile Device. He suggests that use of mobile devices means that we are not expecting to spend a certain length of time on task. It means that we can quickly check small chunks of information. In "traditional eLearning," there may be a gap between learning and putting the learning into practice. Mobile learning can occur in the field so to speak. Can our mobile devices replace our desktop computers? If you include netbooks and laptops as mobile devices, the distinction seems blurry to me when it comes to devices. If we leave devices out of the mix, then I can appreciate those remarks about "just-in-time" "just in small chunks" learning. Also I'm enjoying the idea that there are ways we can contribute and create content on the run with mobile devices. If I have my iPod Touch with me, I can consider sending a message or a photo or a short video right there on the spot. I'm remembering Ruben Puentedura's Lively Sketchbook posting and presentation from January 2010. Don't look at your mobile devices as a way to consume information: Consider your mobile devices as a means to create content.

I missed the MobiMOOC Monday Elluminate session but the archive is available.

On another matter I put out a list of open ed resources (OER) sites on Google Docs that I hope to edit & keep it up-to-date. It should be "public" It's my effort to get more familiar with the current crop of OER sites so I can be of more assistance to University of the People.

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