Friday, March 25, 2011

Too many things to think about

Finishing up reading through Open Content Licensing for Educators

Wondering about the conversation going on around the
postponed SCoPE seminar on Engaging Students in Inquiry Learning
Does enquiry-based learning overlap with self-directed learning? Should students have their own objectives if the learning is self-directed?
Some of these discussions make me fear that one day I'll get into a "course" only to find that it has no beginning and no end and I'll be trapped inside
the course and never get any sense of completion.

Still concerned about unschooling and deschooling, etc. I can't shake the feeling that the end of the argument is that everyone's responsible for their own learning - and that lets society off the hook - and that taxpayers would be happy to have a reason to defund public schools since they really don't wish each other's children well anyway. Larger permanent underclass? Here we come!

Thinking about Douglas Ruskoff's Don't Give Up on the Humans video especially thinking about his comments on self-publishing at about 50:50.... He sees himself eventually skipping the traditional publisher route and hiring himself an editor - which he'll be able to afford since his share of the profits of self-publication will be better than the deal he's getting from traditional publishers. What would that job title be? Concierge editor? It sounds like there might be jobs for English majors after all!

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