Friday, February 25, 2011


'Teenager excels at school despite life as 'unaccompanied youth' (February 24, 2011. St Petersburg Times) reminds us sometimes learning is supported by that much-maligned institution "school." This article describes a teen who's refuge has been school - "school" the physical place where there are teachers and fellow students, clubs and organizations. She might not have flourished without the school system. What happens to children in unstable situations? What alternatives to "school" would work? Can you be homeschooled if you don't have a home?

Also, at the same time, Jim Groom finds himself disenchanted with edupunk which he sees as setting up arguments for a move toward corporate education.

Also Alan Levine notes that the DIY approach doesn't necessarily supplant the need for formal education. He remembers the value in his own experiences in school.

Whew! Those two posts sounds like sanity to me.

In the meantime I'm excited about all the talk about the use of OER resources for people who can make use of that option. It doesn't have to be all or nothing, does it?

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