Thursday, December 3, 2009

Emarking - including audio comments

For those instructors giving out those traditional "research paper" assignments: What about using electronic grading assistants such as this emarking tool? I might have to try this one! It works with Word and provides the ability to add audio comments as well as re-use phrases, etc. The trial is free. In the past, I've tried Phrase Express ( ) suggested by Johanna Tunon. I've used the even more low-tech option of a Word document with some phrases that I can copy and paste. Some faculty object to the idea of using canned phrases - we should tailor our remarks for each student. I agree that we should do that - but pointing out grammar mistakes or citation errors...I'd rather have a set of stock phrases that will save me keystrokes for those kinds of corrections. What do you think? Know about other software that assists in marking papers?

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Peter said...

The following link contains some links to other emarking and egrading systems