Friday, November 13, 2009


I spent last Saturday doing an online defensive driving class and am happy to report that the defensive driving certificate - along with a careful look through the list of potential discounts - has cut my cost for auto insurance significantly! Hurrah for online learning! Make that phone call to your auto insurance company and see if you are entitled to any discounts! Did you librarians know there's a discount for ALA membership with GEICO? Once the dust settles, I'll do some comparisons with other companies and see if I can get the same coverage at a better rate elsewhere. I read a Kiplinger magazine article that said InsWeb at as a good place to go to save some time doing comparisons. The online course I took at was exceedingly bearable. There were learning objectives for each section, some short videos included, some formative assessments within each module - and a quiz at the end of each module. There was a voice-over with the text. I thought that would be annoying since I'm a fast reader, but I decided that it really was helpful. The narration helped me stay focused.

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